05 March 2010


Today's MSTie-project is The Black Scorpion 0113

Today's movie pick is Begotten

Today's song is Paper Thin Walls by Modest Mouse

Today's new holiday:
Say “I'm a Method Actor and you're in my eyeline” each time you make eye-contact with someone.

Today's birthday zodiac:
Avoid speaking any word that others may perceive as an anagram for another word as ruination lies down that path.

Today's number is 64

Today's book is The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

Today's word is trout

Today's motto:
That's what she said.

Today's movie quote:
“She saw me rolling a cigarette, thought it was marijuana; thought I was a swinger.”

1 comment:

  1. BEGOTTEN!!!!! now i remember the title of that... film...