03 March 2010


Today's MSTie-project is Daddy-O

Today's movie pick is Food of the Gods at a drive-in.

Today's song is Autobahn by SeƱor Coconut

Today's new holiday is some trumped-up version of some lame-ass holiday that didn't work last year but might, now.
“Look, the memo was wet. It's not my fault. I got this damn thing a while ago and it's all smudged. Fuck, man, it's winter. You have to expect shit like this and make the best of it.”

Today's birthday zodiac:
If you end up at a bar tonight and a game of darts seems fitting, the Zodiac would recommend aiming for 18's as these will yield you the best results for missing 18's and hitting the other important numbers. Also, it will spoil you with riches when you hit two triple twenties in one turn!

Today's number is 14

Today's book is Trout Fishing in America

Today's Words are the anagrams of SPTO

Today's motto:
“Take it from me, I love you.” -Pit Pat, Globo-Chem spokes-thing

Today's movie quote:
(from about 3 movies each summer)

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