22 March 2010

Shitty Joke Dump 37

boy: Is mommy in Heaven?

dad: No, son. We just buried her, remember? She's being eaten by bugs 'n shit and rotting into slime.

boy: No, I mean is her spirit in Heaven?

dad: Oh. I see. No. She's just dead. There is no God.

boy: Really? Are you sure?

dad: Yes. I'm real fucking sure, son.

boy: But how do you know? How can you be so sure?

dad: If there was a God things like The Shitty Joke Dump and Barbra Streisand wouldn't exist.

boy: Yeah. That makes sense. You're right.

dad: Well, your mom's clothes 'n shit ain't gonna burn themselves. Let's go play with fire!

boy: Yayyy!

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