02 April 2010

you format this clusterfuck of haikus. I'm not going to!

GO!I do understandall the very good englishjust good like you can!867-5 309 yeah! "9" ^ four syllables(just like the song)one eighty proof pintin a handful of hoursproduces haikusdon't provoke the "mad"it just encourages them(others feel the pain)while I'm downloading,I can't use much memory(this is from "notepad")NOTLD"Dawn of the/Day of the - Dead"Then "Night" was remade This one's for Suzy My undead zombie princess I sure do miss her...Firesign TheatreDamn! That's too many syllablesI'll have to try again fuck.The Spindly SpidersGliiiiiide across their silken homes Only to kill flies(yeah)When Family Feud'sRichard Dawson kisses girlsmy skin fucking CRAWLS!Alien's Gorgbles.Those look dumb as fucking hell.Sure hurt my ass, though.Cat vomits Slinky,Paws it back and forth a bit,Not giving a shit. Cats can be like that, They're disassociative. You know what I mean.False prophets are coolI especially like "Bob"Plus, I love Eris.those darn shapeshifters!it seems like they're all the timetransmogrifying.Campus Video,This is Nate can I help you?We close at midnight.Napster in shadow,a mad toothy grin flashes,sweaty tooth m-pegsskin mites, tread our pathparasitical travelwe are the taxi. SEAN PENNflash! the eye dilates.a paparazzi bum rush.the fist has a brain.The Stockholm SyndromeOr just plain Stockholm SyndromeIt's the The question. hollywood haikuSTOP REMAKING FILMS!STOP MAKING ALL THESE SEQUALS!MAKE A *NEW* MOVIE!i found a clover.without counting up the leaves,i still felt luckyband name - TEAM CUDDLEsong - ROBOT LOVE I LOVE YOUyou'll hear it someday. (^ not my song, but still good.)detritus.netthis is the stuff I'm into.(check out Detrivores.) (^I'll be there soon, I hope)"Do you have any......do you rent 'adult' titles?Uh... just wondering." (^verbatim. a true life haiku.)Mom supplies the eggs.(it's a sex or food haiku?)Dad can do the rest.The Coen brothersneed to make a zombie film.I'd be an extra!Continental shifts.Can Michigan end up byCalifornia?ink on her fingerher touches are black pimplesi know where we've beenMarsupial tag.A very hard game to play.Way too much jumping.The telephone linesCut the sky into piecesThey meet all the time'''''''''''''''''when haikus get roughtime to throw in the towelate smoke drank too much> undead are lovely> orgy of the dead hurt me> where were the zombies?(The haikubiat of my zombie noir movie:)Zombie Noir projectis now called "ALL BUT HIDDEN"and it's 'shaping up'the dame is Vida(her name means Life in Spanish)the detective is...no name for him yethe dies at the beginning(an undead gumshoe)scientists fit in...aliens are involved, too!and the government...murky number bars?it's the Science Underground!(they got the skills, dude)damn anomoliesstranded the aliens herein our dimensionnever trust The Manthe government lies to you(seems to be their job)now I'm doing thisinstead of writing the script!but not anymore!NEXT!The Zero Epic Haiku!drinking at sigmajust a couple shots with jimthen go to mom's housestart drinking againstart downloading from Napstermaybe more frantics . . .think about zeroget distracted for a whilethen get sucked back inno matching filesI'll choose a less obscure songreturned ten resultschecking the ping rates . . .checking all the connections . . .download from THIS guy . . .10%, play songdo i really need this one?(thinks about zero)distracted again(now downloading Cat Power)zero is a drugdown the rabbit hole . . .zero alters perspectivechanges everythingzero perceptionthere is need for more or lessquantum leap for thoughtnew territory:all that is less than zeroor less than nothingnegative numbers,difficult to comprehend,to visualizestill necessary,it's always there behind youinside and beneathvoids are enormouseasy to get lost insidefall into madnessyou must keep your wandsyour swords, pentacles and cupsthey will serve you welllong is the journeythat from hell leads up to lightyou must perserverejust to comprehend . . .oh yeah, I'm still on Napsterpush myself back inthe file's completelisten to new mp3yeah, that's a keeperdo another searchcheck out the variablesthe informationdouble-click titlegood speed for 56kstart fading again . . .end of epic...but beginning of new batch of kooky kighkookies!*The One Advertising Style Haiku* just a quick haiku to plant my name in your head nate nate nate nate natehomeless paul erdosain't you're dad's Easy Riderhe's Roadside Prophet!I've gotten rustyno haikus for a long timeit's all coming backalready chewed gumsucks when you're stuck to the floorshoes can be removedrecreationalthe way drugs were meant to benot medicinalsometimes it's neces-sary to break up your hai-kus in a weird way (You're reaching, nate...)we were scared to hellmy girl is in the basementjudy rose larsonemail addressesare free and fun to create;why pick only one?don't forget to buy!(your job as american)spend more than you earn!surrealityit's better than the real thingno redundanciesNEW CONSUMER SHIT!BE THE FIRST ONE ON YOUR BLOCK!RUN TO THE STORE! NOW!Ouch! Jose Cuervo.Morning after hangover.Ahhh. Hair of the dog.Stuff the envelopes.Put stamps on the envelopes.Mail the envelopes.puke on ceramici last cleaned the toilet when?it doesn't matter...so that is my job...among MANY other things....don't count syllables Working for mom in 2000 (a classic multi-parter)Just a quick emailTo let you know I'm aliveAnd thinking of youRealty work is crapMaking out address labelsAnd sending postcardsThis goddamn "job thing"Is taking way, way too longMake it go awayBut no, here I amStill sending propagandaTo the home-ownersYeah, well, you'll have thatWhen you owe mommy moneyAnd need MORE MORE MORE!nextBleed like a stuck pigPiss like a fucking race horseAnimal cliches!NUTRITIONAL FACTSSURGEON GENERAL'S WARNINGLeave my health aloneAlternate endingDirector's commentarySpecial editionSmoke marijuanaDrink some beers and tequilaWake up late for schoolI apologizein advance for this haiku.It is pretencious."WeenTV.com"World's first one line haiku!Just five syllables!Kids love the hot sex& Deep Thoughts by Jack HandeyTreefrogs are legalNose army cologneRevised landmine beef diaperJigsaw lamp smell signearthbound alienscut off from their home planetmust find each otheri get so damn sadwhen i think of all i lostin my coma yearsbelieve in nothingand it will visit your homejust like commercialslife takes all my timeand spits it back in penniesthere's got to be morewill i ever learn?will i accept complascence?no, probably not.life feeds on life STOPthis is neccesary STOPlife feeds on life STOP (fake Tool telegram haiku)listen to more weenon weenradio.com24/7main door is openmonsters underneath the bedcloset door is closedlasting connectionpurdue universitytaught me amandaemailing haikusi feel so fucking moderncyberconfuciustoo many haikuscan't concentrate anymoremore later (someday)That's all, my good friend a million fucking poemsmostly very old (for entertainment[you can't resell these poems] purposes only.)DONKEY PULLS THE WEIGHTJUST A POOR STUPID JACKASS(small horse slave labor)(ending the email)(from the desk of nate martin) HAVE AA NICE DAY

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