14 July 2013

Some of the madness I've lived with:

I believed I was abducted by aliens from age 7 to mid-thirties. During one of my "abductions" (about 8 years old) I took a floating robotic alien emissary on a tour of my house describing the rooms and appliances and their functions. It was the first time I really thought about a water-heater.

I've been in someone else's mind for about 9 hours while they lived a day in their reality. It was the most fucked-up thing I ever experienced. The thoughts in my head were not mine. They weren't terrifying in content, but were terrifying in their other-ness and foreign-ness. I ceased to be me.

For about 3 years I believed I was a vampire. When I was in eighth grade I lived in California briefly. I met a weird guy named Zach who told me he was a vampire. I didn't believe him. He dared me to drink some of his blood. I did. Strange things seemed to start happening to me soon afterwards. Placebo effects, gullibility, wanting it, etc, probably. But when I moved back to LaPorte, Indiana a couple other people seemed to notice things too, like an occasional lack of reflection or extra-fast movement. I also grew an increased sensitivity to sunlight then that remains to this day.

The Illuminati were after me because I knew too much and they knew it because they knew the books I special-ordered from the bookstore. At one point I literally believed they had underground bunkers and tunnel systems to be in people's yards.

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